How to change our sugar intake

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Podcast with Rebecca Hirst, Nutrition and Health Coach, Founder of Glorious Wellness

Rebecca story is a fascinating reset from working in corporate to becoming a health coach. I invited her to speak about sugar and ask everything we are afraid to ask, understand our relationship with our consumption.

After 20 years in marketing and at Coca cola, she knows the truth about sugar. She started to reset about 10 years ago, trying to understand where her adult acne was coming from. She was on Roaccutane for a while which caused many side effects until she started to look for an alternative. She consulted a nutritional therapist who let her know she had an undiagnosed allergy to cow’s milk which was reacting badly with her skin. It was the start of a long transformation to heal her body and skin. She started to learn nutrition and set up Gloria’s wellness.

Highlights from the Podcast:

Sugar intake is a very common issue. When you’re tired and want to fall back on caffeine, sugar, carbohydrates. By coaching yourself, you can A/ find healthy alternatives and B/ find a different way to recharge your energy.

Sugar lights up a part of our brain like fireworks. So there is a receptor in the middle of our brain that responds really brightly. So the more we eat it the more our brain looks for it.

We have good bacteria and bad bacteria in our bodies. If we keep feeding the bad bacteria only, it makes us feel tired and doesn’t help with good sleep and good immunity. Getting over sugar addiction is resetting our gut health and helping it with healthy, helpful bacteria.

Being aware of your sugar intake is an amazing first step. Then transitioning out of that habit takes about 21 days and including alternatives.

Alternatives to start with:

– Swap the cookie with a green apple with and peanut butter.
– Look at labels, on the packet. Especially for breakfast cereals and yoghurt
– Listen to the NHS guidelines. Stick to five teaspoons a day, maximum maximum.
– If you’re having a breakfast with cereals and fruits then you pretty much maxed out on your sugar for the day already.
– Check that the sugar number is less than six grams per hundred grams or 6 grams per hundred
– You can snack on dried fruits but have small portions, they have fibers but too much of it will create a sugar spike, raising your insuline and making you tired. Same with honey, always in moderation.

Glorious wellness is firmly rooted in the real world. It’s 80% percent of the time we ate well, crunchy, colourful, full of antioxidants, vegetables, fruits, some nuts, some fish, all of those good things and good oils. Then 20 percent of the time we give ourselves the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the things that we really enjoy. Whether that is glass of champagne or some potato chips or a good steak or it’s a good slice of chocolate cake. Drink water, take time to walk everyday.

For more of Rebecca’s advice, visit her website here.

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