The Re-Set Podcast

We want to be the guide in your journey to make a change, be well, fit and happy. We want to champion healthy, natural and holistic solutions to our life issues.

In this new series of podcasts, I’ll be talking to health and wellness experts and share their insights and knowledge. Simple and easy ways to live better and improve ourselves.

I’m really excited to share this with you. Stay tuned. Melina Tag


Pandora is a holistic nutritionist and life coach, specialised in intuitive eating, self love and empowerment. She helps women develop their intuition, connect with their bodies and feel more satisfied with their lives.

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Rachel is a best selling Writer, Mental Health Campaigner, Public Speaker.Rachel suffered from depression. She has written different books on how she developed strategies to recover from it. Her books have been read by tens of thousands of people. She is an official ambassador for Rethink Mental Illness, Sane and The Counselling Foundation.

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Mel is a Self Care Coach, and one of the UK’s leading Health Coaches and Self Care experts. She is the author of ‘The Little book of Self Care’. Mel specialises in working with busy professional, high-achieving women to balance their professional success and personal health and happiness.

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Patrycja Skurzak is a Life and Confidence coach. She empowers people in mastering high level of confidence, self esteem and self-acceptance. She helps unlock people’s true potential, maximize their personal and professional growth and achieve anything they want in life.
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Steph Peltier is the Founder of Happiness Society. She is a consultant, a coach and passionate about what makes us happy. She provides the tools to people and organisations to rewire their brains for happiness. Her work spans across workshops, consulting, talks and mindfulness coaching for private and corporate clients.
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Angela is a fully qualified and experienced nutritional therapist with an MSc in Nutritional Medicine. Over the last 10 years she has worked with thousands of people using a personalised approach to nutrition and health. She works at the award-winning Optimum Health Clinic and delivers coaching workshops to high performance leaders all over the world. 
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Ayda Koc is a multi-talented woman: a healer, a shaman, a medium but also teaching yoga, tantra and naturopathy. She works with solution-focused therapy, and tailors her approach to every client. She inspires people to heal and reset for a better and stress-free life.
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Louise de Menthon is the Founder and Yoga Teacher of Loup Yoga. She uses yoga as a tool to help others. She is convinced that doing good and feeling good is about living the life we have and that we can all access happiness by taking yoga within our daily life.
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Rebecca Hirst is founder of Glorious Wellness. She is the Health Coach to High Flyers. She helps women to get amazing energy, brilliant brain power and a happy, healthy body. She educates and entertains about how to find real-world wellness.
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