Take 5 minutes and Shake it out

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Take 5 minutes and Shake it out

As human beings, we are full of energy and we function from the energy we fuel ourselves with. Many illnesses, imbalances, and complaints occur from blockages in the body, often emotional ones, which in turn means that energy cannot flow freely through us, leaving us tense, fatigued or anxious.

Do you recall ever being told as a child to shake it out or shake it off when you were in a bad mood? Well, it works!

Stagnant energy can build up in the body and create blockages

This can manifest in physical stiffness, sore muscles and aching joints but also physiological and emotional stiffness – feeling irritated, impatient, bored and resentful.

Here is one way to generate energy within yourself, trust us it works like magic: You can rid the body and mind of negative energy that is not serving you by shaking it out.

Take five minutes away from your desk at work or do it at home whenever it is needed.

Allow your breath to be light and free and your body to feel calm and grounded. Start with the lower body and work your way up. Begin shaking your ankles, calves, and thighs with your feet remaining on the ground. Allow any deep sighs or trapped noises to come out as you shake.

Shake the arms, hands, neck, and head until literally, the whole body is shaking.

Afterward, you’ll feel an immediate release of energy and warmth flowing through the body. The benefits of this short exercise are huge for both the body and mind. You can do it anytime during the day when you’re feeling tired or anxious.

Physically, you’ve improved blood flow and circulation and warmed up your organs, joints, and muscles. Mentally, you’ve got rid of stagnant negative energy, created fresh, new positive energy and opened yourself up to receive more.

Give it a try!

We have created special courses to reset your energy, visit the course page and learn how to eat and move to raise your energy levels and maintain your vitality.

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