Our diet culture and system of beliefs can make you feel bad about yourself and lead to feelings of low esteem. This can have an impact on your mood and the way you eat.  

Are you counting calories? Do you spend energy worrying about food and weight? Do you critic yourself a lot? Are you not feeling satisfied? 

If you start working on your thoughts and the way you treat yourself, you can change your relationship with food: your mind, your body and ultimately your confidence. 

Reject the diet mentality

Research shows that eating is directly linked to our self worth, esteem and self love. The pictures you make in your head and the words you say have a direct impact on your mind and body.


Set intentions on how you want to feel, learn to really love food. Eat with kindness and love.” — Pandora Symes
Why will this intuitive eating course help build my confidence? 

What we eat and drink can either have a positive or a negative response on ourselves.

  • Food is the mind and body fuel – What you choose to eat has a direct impact on your performance. They say ‘You are what you eat’, being mindful of what’s on your plate is a healthy and effective way to make peace with your body. 
  • Stop self sabotage – One way to increase your confidence towards yourself is to start analysing why you eat badly. It’s simple: you can only feel well if you like yourself. 
  • Learn about yourself – Gaining knowledge on yourself will help you understand your behaviour. Buying the right foods, cooking and planning your meals will help you manage yourself and your relationship with food.

Better awareness of what food triggers as feelings and why, you’ll develop a better relationship with food and love yourself more.

Pandora Symes, Nutritionist

Pandora Paloma is a Intuitive Living Coach, specialising in Intuitive Eating and Living, Self-love Empowerment and Body Neutrality.

Her coaching and program helps to override the myths that your mind has created about food and diet, helps you to break free from the ongoing battle with your body, and re-establish a relationship with your intuition.

The living comes before the eating; when you transform how you’re living, you transform your relationship with food.


Find ways to comfort , nurture, distract, and resolve your issues without using food

The content is exclusive to our platform and yours forever. Each recommendation in the video should slowly become part of your daily life. It’s not just a challenge that’s limited in time then you forget about it. You’ll gain knowledge, and plan and cook at your own pace.

  • Give up dieting and become confident
  • Love the food you eat and stop fighting your desires
  • Listen to your body and honor your hunger and fullness. Trust your body’s signals
  • Stop self critic and binge eating.
  • Love yourself and stop feeling out of control but rather in connection to yourself
  • Navigate emotional eating and learn new coping skills
  • Accept yourself, your body and personality
  • Choose what to eat from a place of self-love and confidence, not self-control and deprivation
  • Start engaging in other activities such as journaling, meditation etc

Her course is about 1.5 hours in total, all in one place for you at a cost of £59,99.

Watch – Follow along at your own pace watching Pandora’s Nutrition expert videos

Read – A comprehensive PDF workbook and recipe booklet are provided for additional information to  read at your own time

As part of the program, there are three goals that we’ve defined: Accept yourself, Listen to your body, Develop self love and confidence

Course details

Full meal plan including meals, healthy snacks, easy options. They are affordable and quick to make. The foods are delicious, healthy, and easy to find. And if not, there will be an alternative.

x 8 Nutrition expert videos
x 1 Nutrition workbook
x 1 Recipe booklet

Videos included:

  • About Intuitive Eating
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snacking
  • Extras
  • Final note

Pandora designed our Intuitive eating course with a focus on self love. She also provides a delicious meal plan, and recipes, which are all part of her recommendation to feel connected and to eat with love.

You will also receive a personalised newsletter to help you on track with your progress. You can get in touch with us at any time of the program. Join our Facebook closed group to share your questions and ideas with other Resetters!

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