We are all too busy and juggle too many things at the same time. The incessant demands of work, family, kids, and stress can exhaust our batteries very quickly. That feeling of being tired has just become the normal way to feel. But ask yourself:

Do you want to stop feeling tired? Do you want to learn how to replenish your energy?

Exercise is key to energy and a happy and healthy life

Our drive to multitask and succeed comes at a great cost to our mind and body. We have to look for work-life balance if we want to maintain our energy. It’s time to consider how your lifestyle is affecting your energy levels.


‘I am blessed to be able to spread the yoga love every day. I bring passion, love and a sense of fun to my classes. I want students to listen to their bodies, to try new things’ — Lucy Victoria Jackson
Why will this course help increase your energy?

Based on research, we know that moving is very important to reset our energy. This is why we have created a response to this issue with this program:

  • You need to start putting yourself first – by looking after yourself and allowing 15-20mins every day this time for you, you’ll increasingly get a feeling of connection with yourself and self-awareness. Both are a very important first step to get energized again.
  • Slow down and focus on your energy – by dedicated this time for yourself, you’ll slowly get a sense of calmness. You will get new physical and mind space so you’ll be able to use this space to prioritize yourself: less stress and more energy.
  • Mouvement is one of the best sources of energy – by moving regularly, not only you reduce the potential chances of disease, but you keep your body and mind healthy. Yoga is an excellent way to achieve that. Moving is absolutely vital and the more you move, the better you will feel, and the less tired you get.

Each concept, tip, and practice of the program will become part of your daily life. You’ll see the results with ongoing practice. It’s a 7 days program but it’s not a challenge that’s limited in time to then forget about it. It’ll become your very own practice on a weekly basis. The content is exclusive to our platform and yours forever.

Lucy Victoria Jackson, Yoga Teacher

Lucy is full time Yoga Teacher, Crystal Singing Bowl Practitioner. She specialises in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga, allowing students to explore, to open up and to express themselves freely.


Lucy created a bespoke practice to help you reset your energy. Her approach combines movement and breath control, to create a beautiful moving meditation and anchor each and every movement and posture by focusing on every breath.

The practices have been designed to give you inspiring and dynamic flows that help connect with your body, bring focus to your mind, and revitalise your energy.


‘I really like Lucy, she is so kind and inspiring and I really love the way she is teaching. The videos are easy to follow and I have learnt a lot. I don’t have time to go to the gym so I was happy to be doing it at home in my own time.’– Alison Towning, Consultant, Manchester

The course is 2 hours in total, all in one place for you at a cost of £39,99.

The program covers Yoga for all levels so don’t be afraid if you’ve never done Yoga before. If you’ve done Yoga before, the program builds up and you’ll find more energetic modules.


This series of Yoga videos is designed specifically to increase your energy. There is an introduction practice to start with and gently get into your movement plan.

The bespoke practices cover how to boost your energy, relax and restore, focus and be more productive, using breathing and spinal techniques. Plus a daily morning and evening practice are available if you want to do just that.

Watch – Follow along at your own pace watching the Yoga videos. Get moving to reset your energy.

Read – A comprehensive PDF guide from Lucy is provided so you can learn additional information and read at your own time.

Course details

We’ve identified three goals to boost your Energy and have results: Practice, Develop a routine and Be consistent. The videos have been created with time management in mind so it fits a busy schedule.

x 10 Yoga for Energy videos
x 1 E-book on Yoga Poses & benefits

Videos included:

– Ease into Yoga
– Wake up practice
– Bed time practice
– Energy boost
– Relax & Restore
– Focus & Productivity
– Yoga breathing
– Twists & backbends
– Round up session
– Final note from Lucy

Lucy teaches Yoga with grace and kindness. With her, you’ll connect to your body and create a daily routine that you’ll love. Stretch in the morning and evening plus full sessions for back pain and low cardio.

You will also receive a personalised newsletter to help you on track with your progress. You can get in touch with us at any time of the programme. Join our Facebook closed group to share your questions and ideas with other Resetters!

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or tell us about your journey at We’d love to hear from you.