The nature of our busy lifestyles can lead to feelings of sluggishness. This can have an impact on your energy and the way you eat.

Do you feel sluggish after a meal? Do you find it hard to go through the whole day without relying on caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks? Do you have an afternoon slump after lunch that impacts your work?

Keeping energised throughout the day is possible

Research shows that eating directly impacts on our energy levels. The quality foods, the right amount of foods at the right time will improve your energy during the day, alertness and concentration and prevent from feeling tired, drained or sluggish.


’My passion is really just getting people to have a good relationship with food and to help people eat normally and being happy.’ — Jo Travers

Why will this course help you feel less tired?
  • Food is the body fuel – What you choose to eat has a direct impact on your body performance. They say ‘You are what you eat’, being mindful of what’s on your plate is a healthy and effective way to keep your energy up.
  • Educate yourself and have a plan– Gaining knowledge on what to eat and when to eat is very important to rejuvenate your energy. Planning your meals will help you manage yourself and your energy.
  • Go for quality over quantity – The best way to get the most energy from your food is to make sure you’re giving yourself the best food possible. But also having the right nutrients to raise and maintain your energy levels.

To keep up your body energy levels high,  you have to follow a healthy, balanced diet. It’s all about balance, there is no one nutrient that will make you healthy. It really is about your overall eating behaviour that will support your body or not.

Jo Travers, Dietitian and Author of The Low Fad Diet

Jo is a professional, evidenced-based nutritionist in London. She is a registered dietitian and provides  individual nutrition advice to meet your requirements. She helps patients with ‘how and what to eat’ programs.


‘I didn’t know what to expect and I really loved it, especially the PDFs are full of practical advice. I saw the difference after 3 days following the programme, I was already less tired’ — Sophie Balay, Journalist, Nyc

Jo designed our nutrition plan for Energy and gives insights on the foods impact on energy and provides a delicious meal plan, and recipes, which are all part of her recommendation to sustain energy throughout the day and manage the peaks of fatigue.


The program covers Nutrition with Energy in mind. The series of videos is designed for you to combat fatigue using the right foods and the right patterns. 

  • Learn what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat
  • Develop a food discipline that you can apply to your everyday life
  • Stop dieting and have a balanced diet
  • Raise and maintain your energy throughout the day
  • Beat the afternoon slump

The Nutrition program is 1.5 hours in total, all in one place for you at a cost of £59,99.

The content is exclusive to our platform and yours forever. Each recommendation in the video should slowly become part of your daily life. You’ll see the results with an ongoing food discipline. It’s a challenge but it’s not limited in time because the objective is to gain knowledge to use forever and at your very own pace.

Watch – Follow along at your own pace watching the Nutrition expert and Cooking videos

Read – A comprehensive PDF guide is provided so you can go do learn additional information and read at your own time.

As part of the program, there are three goals that we’ve defined: Learn about Eating for energy, Develop a new healthy food discipline, Balance your diet for energy.

Course Details

Full meal plan including breakfast, healthy snacks, things to avoid, and dinner options. They are affordable and quick to make. The foods are delicious, healthy, and easy to find. And if not, there will be an alternative.

x 7 Nutrition x 7 Cooking videos
x 1 Nutrition workbook
x 1 Recipe booklet

Videos included:

– Eating rules
– Drinking rules
– Breakfast
– Breakfast options
– Lunch
– Lunch options
– Dinner
– Dinner options
– Snacking
– Snacking options
– Final note from Jo

Keeping energized throughout the day is possible. What and when we eat have a great impact on our physical and mental energy levels. And you can learn this right now by doing the program.

You will also receive a personalised newsletter to help you on track with your progress. You can get in touch with us at any time of the programme. Join our Facebook closed group to share your questions and ideas with other Resetters!

Enjoy and don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or tell us about your journey at We’d love to hear from you.

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