How to make the right decisions

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How to make the right decisions

Are you indecisive? Do you get lost when there are too many options on the menu? Are you constantly changing your mind? Do you find it difficult to move forward with your projects?

If you answer one of these questions then this article is for you. Decision making is simply an exercise to practice and a muscle to build. It often hides a feeling of insecurity, lack of confidence, lack of control or fear of failure depending on your personality type and life experience.

Having to choose an option means relinquishing control, and controls means safety. It feels safer to agonise over a decision because you’re familiar with it; whereas when you choose an option you’re going into a place of uncertainty and uncertainty or change are scary.

Here are three ways to make the right decision when you’re faced with a choice:

1/ Assess your feelings

Our feelings are sending us messages that we should listen to. They are the indicator for our current state. Assessing how you feel is the first step forward towards better clarity. The moment you know about your feeling, you know how to be in the moment. This will help you take the next action and decide.

2/ Analyse all your options

Take a moment to examine the options and mentally list the pros and cons for each option. It’s not about yes or no but more about a balance, if the positives are higher then you’ll be more likely to choose that option.

3/ Learn about your emotions

Like the feelings, you have to take a moment to analyse if the selected option is going to make you feel stressed, excited, angry etc. Having a clear head will help you know what option creates in you. Once you know it’ll be easier to reject the options that don’t create a positive emotion.

The more decisions you take the better you’ll become at it. Remember, we can’t control everything and we all make mistakes. The most important thing is to try and to enjoy the process. You’ll be happier making decisions and get on with it.

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