Time to get more active

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The benefits of moving

We all know the benefits of exercising and being active. We know it’s good for our health, helps our body functions better and reduces the risk of many diseases. We also know that moving is important for our mental balance, as it energizes us, helps clear our mind and feel refreshed.

But yet, most of us spend most of our time sitting behind computers, ordering food, taking elevators, jumping in our cars just to go to a couple of blocks away from our house. Basically, hardly moving.

And if the general recommendation is to spend at least 30 minutes active every day, it can be very difficult and sometimes stressful to find this amount of time in our busy schedules.

Time to get more active. Just a little bit more!

So, why not start small, and be a bit more active by incorporating a short 10 minutes bodyweight circuit in your routine, just a couple of days a week! Exercises that will give you a good sweat, help improve your strength, mobility and balance. Plus, exercises that don’t require equipment can be performed pretty much everywhere and are super simple to execute. Dream workout for busy people? Pretty much!

How to find the time to make it work

One thing that very often limits us when it comes to moving more is finding the time to do it. So why not be smart about it and find some tricks to make it fit in your day. Like planning it ahead of time (and sticking to it), or associating it with a habit you already have, such as brushing your teeth! Meaning that every time you’ll brush your teeth you know it’s your time to exercise. No excuses for your sweat break!

And lets not forget that besides exercising, moving more can also be a part of your daily routine. 

How? Just by incorporating a few more active moments in your day, in things you already do. Such as walking 10 minutes of your daily commute. Getting lunch outside instead of ordering it. Or simply playing 10 minutes more with your kids.

But, honestly, all you have to do is just start.

You might think that small alterations won’t change anything or not much and that you need to do it all, give it all, change everything. So, let me tell you one thing that will change everything: when you start a journey towards moving more, your focus should not be on the intensity of efforts or volume of changes but rather, being consistent with small things, and trusting the process. That’s the key to true progress and real lifestyle changes.


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